Laser Cutting

Small batch manufacturing and product development
Quick and Accurate, Laser Cut Parts

Utilising Laser Cutting has enabled us to develop a small batch manufacturing service as well as facilitate product development on our press side.

Though a more expensive process, laser cutting offers quick and accurate parts and avoids the requirement for blanking tools and the associated costs.

Laser cutting also allows a level of complexity and detail that is difficult to achieve with standard press tools.

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Laser Cutting
  • 2 Kw CNC laser cutting facility
  • Profiling a wide range of metals in various grades and alloys
  • Capacity to handle sheet sizes up to 4m by 2m and up to 10mm thickness
  • Profile complex shapes in one process

From Concept to Manufacture...

From product concept and excellence in design, through to final manufacture. We will assess the customer’s requirement for the product, evaluate it for production feasibility and design a product and method of manufacture which meets the client’s needs.

We can work form customer component drawings and will work closely with customers during the initial stages of new product development to help bring those ideas to the market place with speed, quality and cost effectiveness.